hi, this is my website!




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GRAPHIC or: google image search, apply photoshop filter, add sans-serif text

DiDA Portfolio: What I made while working at the Duke Innovative Design Agency during my ~2 years there.

Wei Watch: iPhone App Icon for Wei's Wei Watch App

Infestor Asymptote (glow): T-Shirt design

FILM " You see a moral in them? Do we have morals?" - Joel Coen

Duke BBall '09 Reel - Made this while working at Duke Men's BBall. For the '09 season -- I was one year early, oh well.


PICS DSLR Camera + me


WRITING for school and elsewhere

The Chinese Housing Bubble (in Chinese): Final paper for 4th year Chinese (Language & Society). I think of it as the capstone of my Duke education.

The Music Industry's Business Model: Corp Finance final paper, about a potential Hulu-style business model for the music industry.

Silly Rabbit: a dark re-telling of the Trix Rabbit story in High School. This one should've won me a mandatory guidance counselor visit.

Codename Python : a comic I made for my CompSci class